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A trip to India opened my eyes. I decided to become a fulltime yoga teacher. First I achieved my Yoga Alliance certificate in Thailand, other masterclasses and workshops followed. Still now I travel around the world to participate teacher trainings, workshops, festivals and courses to keep developing myself in yoga and to pass my passion on to my students. In my courses I developed a dynamic combination between the classic Hatha Yoga approach and the more intense and creative Vinyassa flow Yoga.

The focus is on the abdominals, back, respiration, balance and inversions during my class. I translate the assanas, exercises, in a clear and easy-to-learn way, so my courses are open for every yogi.

“Manifest the life you want to live…the choice is yours, choose to be free”



Educational degree: Master 90%
Energy level 95%
Zen level 100%


I studied Human Recourses at the Schoevers Institute in The Hague, but since the age of 17 I already taught a wide variation of sports, from aerobics to yoga. Teaching runs in my veins. It gives me a lot of positive energy to help other people reaching their goals. It motivates me every time to keep on going with yoga, when I see how happy it makes other people and myself of course!



Yoga is a profound practice for your soul and entire being. It can really change your mindset. The benefits are infinite. Yoga is good for your concentration level, gives you more balance, brings you a peaceful state of mind and above all brings more positive energy in your life! Furthermore it’s you who decides how intense yoga will be for you.


Let people experience yoga in a fresh, modern, hip & trendy way! Yoga is working hard but also play hard. My mission is to show the world that yoga is not some floaty old fashioned way of gymnastics, but that yoga is so much more and above all it’s a lot of fun.

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A way of living

My way of teaching Yoga

The word “Yoga” is derived from the old Sanskrit language and means “connecting”. Yoga brings mind and body together. Yoga exercises, called “asanas”, provide energy, power, balance and relaxation. Ambre uses a wide range of workshops and courses, to teach people from all ages the secrets of this ancient practice. Read further down to discover more about Ambre & Yoga.

Ambre practices Hatha yoga and Vinyasa flow yoga, two popular schools in yoga which focus on relaxation by physical exercise. Besides those two, Ambre is also certificated in RYT 200 hrs Yoga Alliance.

Hatha yoga is a well-known and popular way to do yoga. By means of different asanas you release inner energy and brings balance in body and mind. The key to success in Hatha yoga is respiration. During the courses Ambre will focus on your breathing so the ultimate goal, total relaxation, is reached.

Vinyasa flow yoga builts on the techniques of Hatha yoga. During these courses you move on the rythm of your breathing. You change positions in cycles. Vinsaya flow is a more intensive form of Hatha yoga. Perfect for people who are looking for a more physical challenge!

Sup Yoga

Stand Up Paddling

Sup Yoga

Stand up paddling is a complete work-out for mind and body. A few years ago this old Hawaiian practice was rediscovered by surfers from the United States. With this form of yoga you stand on your sup board and you a paddle to move forward. Although it’s originated from the islands in the Pacific, the Netherlands is a perfect place to practice sup yoga. It doesn’t matter what kind of water you are in: the sea, lake, mere or a canal in your favorite city. The only things you need are a sup board and a paddle. Doing exercises on water stimulates a natural form of meditation.

As one of the few certified sup yoga teachers in the Netherlands, Ambre has followed a masterclass in the Caribbean with Rachel Brathen from Island Sup. She is now a certificated yogi in Stand up paddling, awarded by the World Paddle Association.

Ambre likes to work with Boga Yoga. This sup brand focuses particularly on yogis. Boga Yoga has developed a board which provides the perfect grip, so it helps you during your practices on the water. Find out more about Boga Yoga on

What do we do during a sup yoga class? We bring power, balance and an overload of fun together during this unique practice of yoga. During the course the boards will be anchored to prevent drifting off and to complete the course without worrying. Yoga helps you to relax, not to get stressed ;). Sign up for one of my Sup Classes or check out the schedule;

Food & Massages

Nourish yourself

Food & Massages

… the other addiction of Ambre besides yoga. She likes food and has a passion for a healthy lifestyle which she loves to share with the world in her blogs. This foodie cheats of course once in a while, as some hamburgers are not made to resist. But being aware of what you eat is desirable. Reducing your consumption of meat, artificial products and trying to keep everything as pure as possible have a positive influence on your body and mindset.

Do you want to know more about how to improve your body and mindset by eating healthy and the benefits of massages? Ambre is also a certificated nutrition & massage expert, who loves to help you with the detoxification of your body. The detox process has to happen in a professional and responsible way. Everybody is different. So Ambre go for the personal approach. Depending on your goals, wishes or complaints Ambre drafts a personalized nutrition scheme. This scheme will help you to think different, choose better and to enjoy your healthy lifestyle to the fullest.

An other way to detox next to using food is  by treating yourself once in a while with a massage.

Sure, sometimes going for a massage is a special treat, an hour to pamper yourself and induce ultimate relaxation. but did you know massages can also be used to bring out better sleep, lower blood pressure and boost your immune system.

Ambre is capable to improve your health by bringing you a relaxing and vitalizing full body massage! just reach out to her and ask some more information about her signature Yoga massages  in one of her Yoga classes or food workshops and make an appointment whenever suitable for you by sending an e-mail to 0615179018.

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Working for ISLAND YOGA

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Buy Vira Sun Shades and Contribute to a Good Cause

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Teaching to educate the youngsters

Teaching to educate the youngsters

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Teaching @ Island Yoga in amazing Aruba

Teaching @ Island Yoga in amazing Aruba

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A summer @ O’Neill Surflife

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If you would like to attend some of my weekly courses or workshops, you find my upcoming events here. You can subscribe through email. Don’t hesitate to contact me through email or phone. Spread the word!

Day Hour Activity Location
Monday 05.45 AM Yin/Yang Island Yoga
Wednesday 05.45 AM Yin/Yang Island Yoga
Wednesday 07.00 AM Vinyasa Island Yoga
Saturday 08.00 AM Power Hour Island Yoga
Sunday 06.00 PM Vinyasa Island Yoga
Sup Yoga Island Yoga, ARUBA
Date Hour Activity Location
 Sep-May ’17  Host/Teacher  Island Yoga  Aruba
 June ’17  Hoste Teacher  SurfMaroc  Marocco
 Juli ’17  O’Neill Surfcamp  retreate  France
August ’17  Indigo Yoga  Host/Treacher  Berlin, Germany